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Uganda engages communities in physical and mental health activities as part of the World Health Day Commemoration

The event was organized at the WHO Country Office in Kololo, Uganda

The Ugandan Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO), and its partners carried out awareness-raising and community engagement activities to commemorate World Health Day in Uganda. In line with the theme "My health, my right," these activities included a public sports walk, mass screening for communicable and non-communicable diseases…

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Breaking the chain of measles spread amongst children in Tanzania

Measles is one of the most contagious infections known to humans and ranks among the top four childhood killers worldwide

Nearly 8 million children in Tanzania have received vaccinations to stay protected against measles-rubella following the recent sporadic and hot spots of measles outbreaks in different areas of the country since July 2022.  In response, the Ministry of Health together with the World Health Organization and partners conducted several periodic…

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World Health Organization (WHO), partners urge stronger action to accelerate childhood vaccination in Africa

The side-event at the CPHIA proposed actions to accelerate the Big Catch-Up vaccination campaign

With one in five children in Africa still missing basic, life-saving vaccines, World Health Organization (WHO) and partners are calling for accelerated action to reach all children and put the continent back on track to achieve the Immunization Agenda 2030 goals towards reducing illness and deaths due to vaccine-preventable diseases.…

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Global measles threat continues to grow as another year passes with millions of children unvaccinated

Of the countries experiencing outbreaks, 28 were in the WHO Region for Africa

Following years of declines in measles vaccination coverage, measles cases in 2022 have increased by 18%, and deaths have increased by 43% globally (compared to 2021). This takes the estimated number of measles cases to 9 million and deaths to 136 000 – mostly among children – according to a…

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Children with cancer evacuated from Gaza for treatment to Egypt and Jordan

WHO, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and key countries coordinate vital humanitarian action amidst ongoing conflict

Some 12 children with cancer or other blood disorders have been evacuated, with their companions, from the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory to Egypt and Jordan so they may continue their treatment safely. Additional children are expected to be evacuated for cancer treatment as part of this initiative.…

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Ban smoking and vaping in school to protect young people

WHO encourages all countries to make all indoor public places completely smoke-free in line with Article 8 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Today, the World Health Organization released two new publications, “Freedom from tobacco and nicotine: guide for schools,” and “Nicotine- and tobacco-free school toolkit” to help protect children’s health just in time for back-to-school season in many countries. The tobacco industry relentlessly targets young people with tobacco and nicotine products resulting in e-cigarette…

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18 million doses of first-ever malaria vaccine allocated to 12 African countries for 2023–2025: Gavi, World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

The first doses of the vaccine are expected to arrive in countries during the last quarter of 2023, with countries starting to roll them out by early 2024

In response to high demand for the first-ever malaria vaccine, 12 countries in Africa will be allocated a total of 18 million doses of RTS,S/AS01 for the 2023–2025 period; Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme countries Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will receive doses to continue vaccinations in pilot areas; Allocations were also…

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Sudan: Top United Nations Officials Sound Alarm at Spike in Violence against Women and Girls

The UN Human Rights Office in Sudan has received credible reports of 21 incidents of conflict-related sexual violence against at least 57 women and girls

Senior United Nations officials today voiced shock and condemnation at increasing reports of gender-based violence in Sudan – including conflict-related sexual violence against internally displaced and refugee women and girls – since fighting erupted in the country more than 11 weeks ago. They called for an immediate end to gender-based…

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Beyond the numbers: the real-world impact of the malaria vaccine in Kenya

Caregivers, health leaders and community health volunteers reflect on malaria vaccine implementation and how the new tool is reaching children at risk with life-saving malaria prevention

Africa’s Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater lake and its largest tropical lake. This awe-inspiring ecosystem supports a stunning variety of bird, aquatic and animal species. Unfortunately, the same ecosystem is also an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry malaria. Malaria experts refer to the areas around…

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African leaders unite in pledge to end AIDS in children

Currently, around the world, a child dies from AIDS related causes every five minutes

Ministers and representatives from twelve African countries have committed themselves, and laid out their plans, to end AIDS in children by 2030. International partners have set out how they would support countries in delivering on those plans, which were issued at the first ministerial meeting of the Global Alliance to end…