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    • Swedish Ambassador, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO joint UHC High-Level mission to Hargeisa and Garowe
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An innovative and unique partnership: WHO, Sweden and Somalia work together to improve health outcomes for all Somalis

Sweden is working closely with WHO to support the establishment of an independent Somali public health authority: The National Institute of Health

Nearly 30 years of conflict and instability have heavily marked Somalia’s recent history. Some gains are being made, but the country still faces many challenges ahead. Somalia’s health indicators, especially for women and children rank among the lowest in the world. Recently published statistics show that maternal mortality and deaths…

Source: World Health Organization (WHO) |

Coronavirus - Africa: 172 Countries & Multiple Candidate Vaccines engaged in COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility

Goal of bringing the pandemic under control via equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines needs urgent, broadscale commitment and investment from countries

Nine CEPI-supported candidate vaccines are part of the COVAX initiative, with a further nine candidates under evaluation, and procurement conversations on-going with additional producers not currently receiving research and development (R&D) funding through COVAX – giving COVAX the largest and most diverse COVID-19 vaccine portfolio in the world; 80 potentially…

Source: World Health Organization (WHO) |

Advocates around the World #SpeakUp for #RoadSafety

Despite progress, road traffic deaths continue to rise, with an annual 1.35 million fatalities

In the context of the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week (6-12 May 2019), thousands of road safety advocates from around the world are highlighting the need for more effective leadership for road safety. Strong leaders - both government and nongovernment alike - are those who #SpeakUp for road safety…